Your Complete Guide to the 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

A lot of folks ask, what are the best ping pong balls? Ping pong has a clever rating system, which gives us a quick idea on which balls are of higher quality.

It is not possible to play ping pong minus the ball. However, you cannot just play it with any ball, you need the specific ping pong ball, and that comes in various qualities, which we will discuss today.The game of ping pong revolves around the ping pong ball. The two players hit the ping pong ball with the ping pong racket and try to give each other trouble by showing almost all their skills. The ping pong ball is a very important part of this game. If you are playing with the ping pong ball, which is not of good quality, you will not benefit from the game of ping pong. The choice of one of the better ping pong balls is very puzzling as all the ping pong balls are extremely similar, and there is not much difference.

3 start ping pong balls is the best quality ping pong balls. The ITTF only uses three-star balls in official tournaments, and professionals utilize this ball.

It may feel like all ping pong balls are the same – each of them look the same, they all feel pretty similar? This may be partially true, however, there is a rather large difference in each kind of ball. These dissimilarities tend to change the price of the ball, as each quality of ball went through a different manufacturing process.

This article will look at different star ratings, mainly focusing on the difference between the highest rated balls, and the lowest rated balls. After these issues are discussed, we will recommend the best options for players to use, for recreational and competitive purposes.

The best ping pong balls have an increased star rating. These ratings range from one, two, and three stars.

The lowest quality balls are the one star balls. These balls lack toughness and battle to surpass the test of time.

The next in the rankings is the two star ball, these balls are considerably better in terms of durability, and are much harder than the main one star balls.

Finally, the winner – the three star ball. This ball is ITTF approved which is the ideal ball to have for a high-quality game of ping pong.

We will go into more detail on each star rating.

1 Star Ping Pong Ball
We’ll start with the 1 star ball. These balls are the lowest quality balls and are great for youth clubs or maybe general recreational play. Hey, they could even be the best wager for a game of beer pong!

These balls come in all types of materials, such as polystyrene or celluloid. However, they may be comfortably the softest balls from the three classes. Due to their softness, these balls become exhausted more easily and can break often.

The softness of the ball also hinders the bounce capabilities, rendering it less favorable for more skilled players.

As mentioned earlier, these balls are suitable for friendly and recreational play. Just because they can be softer and less durable, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice and transform your game with them.

We’ll review some of well known 1 star balls at a later date in this article, which is perfect for practice.

2 Star Ping Pong Ball
Next in the rankings is the 2 star ball. These balls are definitely an improved choice for players who experience developed their playing technique and are looking to take their game to a higher level.

These balls are noticeably firmer than the 1 star balls, which explains why they’re much more durable as well.

These balls aren’t found in competitive play, but they’re still suitable to have a hardcore game with your rival.

3 star ping pong balls
This ball is the best you can get in conditions of quality. If you’re looking to play at a competitive level, you ought to be investing in these balls.

3 star balls come in various materials. Polystyrene is the material used for tournaments, as this provides the most constant and reliable bounce. Polystyrene is also less bad for the environment, which should be a genuine consideration when looking at balls. Materials such as celluloid are slightly cheaper as they are easier to make. Celluloid doesn’t supply the ball the most regular bounce, which explains why polystyrene is often preferred.

The 3 star ball can withstand hard hits, plus they normally last a long period of time. These balls are also optimal for skills such as spin play and nifty control.

As mentioned earlier, these balls are ITTF approved and are used in tournament play.

After the 1 star reviews, we’ve selected three of well known and highest rated 3 star balls, that can be guaranteed to boost one’s game.

So there you have it, we’ve given you the rundown on how ping pong balls are rated, experiencing the smallest rated, to the highest-rated. We hope this helped you determine which ball suits your desires.

A three-star rated ball would be the top quality ball and a one-star rated ball would be the lowest quality ball. The professional player should get 3-star ping pong balls. a couple of 2 stars rated ping pong balls are usually used for beginners and practice sessions.

We also gave you top picks for balls that should be used for recreational purposes – the 1 star balls, as well as our favourites for competition play – the 3 star balls.