Toy Look For Grown Guys Starts In Manhattan

NY, NY Filipacchi at Prince Road is really a Gadget Store for expanded men,They simply opened a complete new area in NY in the heart of Nolita, having from high-end paintball components, to motorcycles, power-sport automobiles, aswell as action-sports components,Some of the best items contains: URAL sidecar-motorcycles, Jetsurf planks ( a surfboard having an engine), DTV Shredders (a combined mixture of container, skateboard and motocross bicycle), and something Tires (a mechanized skateboard).The Filipacchi store carries a military, industrial feel, in fact it is put into several action-sport sections including: Browse, Skate, Shred, Hunt and Moto,They possess 2 URAL sidecar motorcycles on screen and your dog owner brings another to the shop weekly showing outside.

Gleam kind of chopper-style motorcycles, under their brand Filipacchi Motors,They lately launched their particular line of Stated in NYC wool and cashmere hats, aswell as athletic outfits,The costs have grown to be reasonable for the standard of materials they utilize.Filipacchi is really a genuine guy cave and welcome addition to the Soho/Nolita region and for all people searching for great present for the men of their lives,If you fail to make it because of the shop, they will have a fantastic website which includes every item at Filipacchi specializes doing his thing / powersports vehicles and apparatus.

They try to offer their clients with the very best quality items at an ideal prices,For more information contact head to or speak to Denise Lasprogata at